Dear all,

Unfortunately, I am sick in bed and can’t come to do the class today. I am very sorry about that.

Can I suggest that you still go to class and discuss Moore’s text? I attach also the handout for today. The handout is also online. You could, for example, when in class, open Moore’s text on the class computer and project it, so that you have a basis for discussion.

I have also sent an email to thos of you whose email I had, but that did not include Steffen, Flavia and Josep. Please, if you see this, let them know.

Thanks for your help and understanding.


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2 Responses to sick

  1. Steffen says:

    Dear Max

    i tried one time and i´m not sure if it worked out – so excuse the probable double reply.

    We and i hope that you are doing better.

    Unfortunately the door was looked last week and i could not get inside to reach the computer.
    After five minutes waiting in the corridor i left.

    Are we going over Moore and Ayer next time? Or just one of them?
    Besides: the handout section is reachable!

    Best regards


    • maxkolbel says:

      Hello Steffen & everybody else:
      I guess the room was locked because we are actually now supposed to be in 411, i.e. next door.
      From what you say, it sounds as if you did not have a discussion amongst yourselves about Moore. So, next time we’ll still do Moore. We’ll take out another class later in the programme.



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