Dear participants,

Sorry I had to cancel last week’s class: I was seriously ill and just could not do it.

Since last week the door was locked and you were not able to enter the classroom to discuss Moore (as I had suggested), we’ll do the Moore session next time. We will instead cancel the special session on the Frege-Geach Problem (since that is already covered in the Blackburn session).

I have put the revised progamme online.

See you all next Wednesday!


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  1. arpacoo7 says:

    Hello Max, I am Arià, and writing in behalf of the other students in Metaethics.
    The other room (411) was open and we did indeed had the discussion of the paper.
    We projected your handout and went on covering its points.

    Some other points of interested that were raised, taken from my biased notes, were:
    -Whether we agreed that Ethics concerned what is good in general. We all seemed to agree that “what is a good clock” is not a matter of ethics. José Gusmao brought up that this was another sense of good, that clearly didn’t interest Moore.
    -We discussed whether Moore’s thesis was that good cannot be analyzed in non normative terms, or that it cannot be analyzed, simpliciter. Some disagreement remained about that.
    -I put the case of a martian, who comes to the Earth with no normative notions whatsoever. Could she understand what ‘good’ means? This discussion evolved into whether she would understand what “good” means by learning to use it appropriately in any case (sort of discussing the Chinese Room argument). Perhaps we ended up very far from topic.
    -Lewis’ analysis of valuing was brought up as a possible definition of the good. Could the good be what we would desire to desire under ideal epistemic conditions?

    Just bringing that up for you to know, in case you want to change your decision (or not!)

    See you on wednesday


    • maxkolbel says:

      Thatnks for this–I had thought Steffen had been reporting everybody’s experience. I am glad that in fact everyone else discussed the text. My suggestion is therefore that everyone prepare the Ayer text for this Wednesday, and we will go over Moore a little bit, and at least make a start on Ayer as well.

      See you all on Wednesday.



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